Saturday, April 26, 2014

W is for Walton Causeway Park

Walton Causeway Park

Photo of Ernest Walton: Wikipedia
The park is named after the eminent Physicist and Noble Laureate, Ernest Walton. He became the first and only Irish Scientist to be awarded a Noble Laureate in 1951. All other Irish Noble Laureates have been awarded for literature and peace. Ernest Walton was recognised along with John Cockcroft  for "Splitting the Atom."

Photo: Eddie Cantwell
Walton was born in Abbeyside, Dungarvan on October 6, 1903. His family moved from Abbeyside to Co. Tyrone when he was nine years of age. He was educated at the Methodist College, Belfast and Trinity College, Dublin.

Photo: Eddie Cantwell
In November 1989 Ernest Walton attended a civic reception given in his honour. He unveiled the plaque at the dedication of the Park. Ernest Walton seen here in the centre of the photo.

Photo: Waterford Co. Museum
Ernest Thomas Sinton Walton died, June 25, 1995.

Photo: Eddie Cantwell
Walton Causeway Park at the foot of  the Comeragh Mountains is  park for all ages. The perfect spot for family walks and picnics.

Photo: Colette's Deise Views
Walton Park is as stunning at night, with its sparkling lights, as it is during the day. Yet another beauty spot in the Abbeyside/Dungarvan area.

Photo: The Interlude


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