Monday, April 21, 2014

S is for Sandhills

Sandhills/ The Cunnigar/An Coinigear

Photo: John Foley Images
The Cunnigar is a long spit of land consisting of mud, silt and sand flats that dry out at low tide at the mouth of Dungarvan Bay.

Photo: John Foley Images
It is 49 acres and about 2.6 km (2Miles) long and stretches out from Ring peninsula, almost closing the harbor at its northern end.

Photo: Colette's Deise Views
A nature lovers paradise, with its diverse breeds of native birds. The presence of Eelgrass in the shallow waters on the landward side is conducive to large numbers of grazing waterfowl. The west side of the bank is marshy, a perfect spot for snipe, herons and cormorants to nest and breed.  

Photo: John Foley Images
Photo: Jill Saunders/Bet I Can 5000 People That Love Dungarvan
The Cunnigar is not safe for swimming due to the strong tidal currents, but a perfect spot for beach angling.

Photo: Bet I Can Get 5000 People That Love Dungarvan
In years gone by a favorite Sunday pastime was taking a boat out to the Cunnigar. Today it is a popular walk for locals on a sunny day. 


Suzy said...

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Dropping by from A to Z
Suzy at Someday Somewhere

Jan Morrison said...

I enjoy these meditations on place you are posting. I must look back and see if you did D is for Dingle!

Jan Morrison said...

Right! Just had a deeper look and realized you are doing Waterford! Duh, me. So very gorgeous.

Fickle Focal said...

Did you ever use that boat to ferry out there?

Anonymous said...

I want to visit!

Ann said...

Yes Jan, concentrating on Dungarvan actually. My hometown.

No Fickle Focal, I never took the ferry to the Cunnigar. My mother! Well you know?!?!

It is a lovely place to visit Melanie, the only thing better is to be from there.

Glad you are enjoying the photos Suzy.