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J is for Jockey

The Dungarvan Jockey and Trainer

Woodfield Farm Stud, Dungarvan. Photo by Go Racing
There are two forms of horse racing. Flat racing and jump racing.

In Ireland racing is governed by the Turf Club, founded in 1790. The Turf Club makes the rules and enforces them.

My first introduction to the thrill of Dungarvan's Equestrian racing tradition was in 1977 when Tommy Carberry, an Irish jockey, though not from Dungarvan, rode Meladon across the finish line on Cheltenahem's Gold Cup Day. Meladon was owned by the Flynn family, proprietors of the Park Hotel, Dungarvan. What a day that was. The whole town revelled in that win. Even those who did not have the good sense to place a bet.......ahem!
Photo of Liss a Paoraigh by Sportsfile
The Flynn family have a long tradition in the racing arena., being owners of Liss a Paoraigh and Blazing Bliss, trained by John Kiely.
Photo of Liss a Paoraigh by Sportsfile
Tom Queally, a Dungarvan native made his name in the Cecil stables. He is best known as the regular jockey of Miday and Frankel.
Photo of Frankel by Go Racing
Ian John Power, born in Dungarvan, graduated from the Racing Academy and Center of Education in 1997. He rode as a conditional with Noel Meade.
Photo by Go Racing
Ireland is noted for its horse breeding and training. John Kiely, Dungarvan trainer, is a quiet reserved man who shuns the spotlight.  After 20 years mastering his trade, he began his career as a trainer in 1974. In racing circles he has earned the reputation as one of the shrewdest trainers in Ireland.  He has trained many talented horses, Liss a Paoraigh and Blazing Bliss among them, for both the flat and jump.
Photo of Al Eile by Go Racing
Dungarvan man Michael Ryan, until recently owned  Al Eile, a four time grade one hurdle winner and (see photo below) Finsceal Beo, a three time group winner on the flat.
Go Racing Photo of Finsceal Beo

Aren't these horses Magnificent! Real Beauties.


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