Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Write On to Build On

I am back tapping at the keys, adding more words to my WIP.  The one I was working on before I threw all my energy into my family cookbook, 'The Food We Were Raised On'. (shameless plug, check it out) 

For the past few weeks I dithered....not a word or idea could be found floating around in the head.  Then I took the bull by the horns and joined this group.  And !VOILA!  Words....why...because I am accountable.  Accountable every single day.  I log into the group and tell my fellow Write On to Build On partners exactly how many words I have managed to tap out on my keyboard each and every day. This is just what I need.....I need to be accountable.  I finished the cookbook because I had a deadline.  I am now feeling quite confident about finishing my WIP. An added bonus is the amazing support and encouragement of each member.  I am making a point of following the group mantra:

"This group was founded on 01/10/2012 to motivate us to write. Any day we don't write, we'll owe $1 to the charity Build On. We can check our totals every three months to see how we've done and make our donation. Besides posting we  keep a personal account of the days we don't write. Writing a rough draft or editing counts, as does working on short stories, vignettes, and flash fiction. We post and make a comment thread of our daily progress at the end of each day. "

This wonderful idea is the brain child of Theresa Milstein of


Fellow coordinator Lydia King of The Word is My Oyster

Our charity can be found at:

Since joining this group I owe $1.00 to Build On but I have also added a whopping 1984 words to my current and ongoing WIP! WOW thanks Theresa and Lydia... you are STARS in my book...well not actually in my book..........
  You know what I mean!