Thursday, October 27, 2011

Penmanship and the Green Stick Fracture

My  fourth grade year in St. Gertrude’s Catholic School, Chicago, was memorable  to say the least. It was the year I won a city wide penmanship contest.

I removed the silver cap from my speckled, cobalt blue fountain pen and wrote the required two page story in my very best handwriting. I filled the pages with word swirls of perfect portion. The lines of each letter flawless, clear and fluid. I began each word with the pen poised on the page and didn’t lift the nib until the word was finished. The blue ink seamles, not a blot or break throughout the word. I loved writing with my silver capped,  speckled, cobalt fountain pen. It felt so comfortable, an extension of my hand. The words seemed to write themselves.

People who have been subjected to my handwriting may be shocked to learn this little titbit. My penmanship did not live up to this early perfection for very long. You see before I received my award for said contest I had a little accident.

The weather had turned wintery as it tends to do in Chicago.  St. Gertrude’s  winter policy required students to change their outdoor shoes/boots in the lower entrance area before proceeding up the steps to the classrooms. This was to avoid tracking wet and snow on the very highly polished floors. Have you ever noticed the love Nuns have for highly polished floors? Anyway, I changed my shoes and headed up the first flight of steps. Someone who hadn’t changed their shoes left a thin skin of ice on the top step for me to slip on. And slip on it I did, fallling down the full flight of steps. My right hand took the brunt of the fall. It hit every single step on the way down in an effort to protect my face.

 Half an hour later my mother and I were sitting in the doctor's examination room. X-rays were taken and I was diagnosed with a ‘Green Stick Fracture.’ I was in a cast for the next 6 weeks. The glory days of perfect penmanship were over!

What brought this long ago story of woe to mind. Husband, who was on a train trip returned home last night with a present. A beautiful ruby red fountain pen. I uncapped the pen and put the nib to paper. It felt perfect in my hand. The ink glided across the page with an ease that reminded me of my silver capped, speckled cobalt fountain pen. Sadly my penmanship never again reached the dizzy heights of perfection. The‘Green Stick Fracture’ did not heal properly.
We went back to the doctor 6 weeks later to have the cast removed. On examination the doctor informed my mother the wrist had not fused properly. He wanted to break it again and reset it. My mother looked at him as if he had two heads, she grabbed our coats, hustled me out of his office, loudly pronouncing him to be a quack! A reaction that was perfectly justifiable

That is another story.......this story is about the pen. 
I will leave it at that. J

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Congratulations Niamh!!!!!

Niamh Boyce has a poem published in the Boyne Berries 10 collection.  *YAY* Niamh!!!!

Niamh's poem is a retelling of the myth of Oisin and the original Niamh. It is from Niamh's point of view. I just happen to love this Irish myth.  This is a beautifully produced edition, with poems, prose, photographs and original art work. 

You can purchase this beautifully produced edition, with poems, prose, photographs and original art work HERE.

A sample of the wonderful artwork included by Elena Duff

Congratulations Niamh and well done. Another publishing accolade for this very talented writer.

Niamh embarked on a writing break, Monday, 10/17.  She is plotting and outlining a new novel.  Don't let that stop your paying a visit to her blog, Words A Day, which is filled with wonderful, thought provoking gems. 

Pop over to Words A Day without delay and enjoy Niamh's beautiful blog and talent. 

And a Big Loud Bualadh Bos


Friday, October 7, 2011

Congratulations Theresa

A big *Congratulations* to my friend Theresa Milstein.  Her short story "Allured" is included in the YA "Fangtales" anthology.
Editorial Review and Product Description:
An anthology of vampire tales specifically with teen readers in mind, this gripping read has both new and established authors who will take readers on a mind-bending adventure of dark horror.

Fangtales can be purchased at Barnes and Noble and/or Amazon
Don't delay....get your copy NOW!

Oh and stop over at Theresa's  at Theresa's Tales of Teaching Tribulations and Typing Teen Texts to say Hi and don't forget to make a note of  her blog tour shcedule. 

A big huge ginormous obnoxiously loud bualadh bos Theresa!!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Where's the Light Switch

Dry Dock
with James Rafferty and Jennifer Tinsley

My writing and I are in a very dark hallway at the moment and though  frantically searching, I can't seem to find the light switch. I have been stumbling around in this dark hallway for way to long. So long in fact, I can no longer determine which direction to turn.

  I love writing, I love reading, but it seems I am unable to do both at the same time. Does anyone else suffer from this affliction.  If I am caught up in the world created by the book I am reading, I am unable to create my own worlds.  I recently decided to read a number of Historical Fictions to sharpen my writing, paying particular attention to description. I have a tendency to focus on people, not their surroundings. Well the exercise seems to have backfired. The only sharpening going on is the sharpening of pencils. 

I marvel when I read all the doings of other writers/bloggers. How do you fit it all in? Writing, reading, blogging, blog reading, querying, family, work, dinner, house cleaning, ironing, eating, sleeping etc. It makes the head of this "Trying to be Writer" spin!!! And believe me that is not a pretty site!
The result, I wonder at my ability to write at all. If I truly was a writer, wouldn't I be able to fit it all in. Even this post about being insecure is causing me major stress due to the return of what I refer to as Brain Freeze!  Brain Freeze is when one searches around in ones head and only sees darkness....blankness! Not a paragraph, sentence or word floating around in there anywhere.  Just a black hallway.

So what to do....All I can think to do is wait and hope. I also need to stop pacing and freaking out.