Monday, April 14, 2014

M is for Mahon Falls

Mahon Falls

Photo by Liam Fennell
Mahon Falls is a waterfall nestled in the Comeragh Mountians. The waters of the Mahon River cascade down the steep rocky mountain face with great force. The river flows past the “Fairy Tree” and on into the area of the Atlantic called the Celtic Sea.

Photo by Liam Fennell
On entering the Mahon Valley, you will cross over a cattle grid and head down a small slope known as the Magic Road. The "Fairy Tree" is a few yards from the road. Stopping at the "Fairy Tree" if you turn off the engine of your car, it will travel backwards up the hill with no power. MAGIC!

Photo by Liam Fennell
The rugged terrain is a great favourite with hikers and hill walkers.

Photo by Liam Fennell
The Comeragh Mountains are a dramatic and varied range with boggy plateaus and rocky crags, dotted with sheep and goats. A panoramic view of the countryside below can be seen from the laybys along the drive of the Comeragh Trail.

Photo by Liam Fennell
The rugged beauty of the Comeragh Mountains is spectacular and tranquil splendor of the magical waterfall known as Mahon Falls, is Mother Nature at her best.


Liza said...

I'd like to see that fairy tree.

M.C.V. EGAN said...

The images and the words make me want to meander in Mahon Falls and I'd also like to see a fairy tree,,,, visiting for #a2zchallenge from

M.C.V. EGAN said...

Loved the words and images made me wish I could visit Mahon Falls and find a Fairy Tree. #a2zchallenge visit me at I have a book by an Irish author today

fairyhedgehog said...

I'm loving those pictures of the rushing falls!

Teresa Cypher said...

Another one I want to see! Your posts are filling my bucket list! Thanks again for sharing, Ann. :-)