Tuesday, April 22, 2014

T is for Tribes

Tribe Called The Deise 
(pronounced Day-Sha)

Around 300 A.D. a tribe known as the Deise were driven from Tara and made Dungarvan their home.  And with the passing of time the locals adopted the name of the tribe and Co. Waterford is known locally as 'An Deise.'

Photo: Veronika Sperling/Bet I Can Get 5000 People That Love Dungarvan
And why wouldn't the Tribe looking for a place to settle choose the Dungarvan area.  After all the Deise is as beautiful, as it is diverse. With the Comeragh Mountains overlooking the valley, the lakes, rivers and its breathtaking coastline and sheltered harbour.

Photo: Nigel Cox/Bet I Can Get 5000 People That Love Dungarvan
 The soil is fertile and the sea not mention the lakes and rivers offer a varied assortment of nourishment.

Photo: Dungarvan Photo Album Old and New

Photo: Colette's Deise Views
People of the Deise are proud of their heritage. The original coat of arms was lost in the 17th Century when the Charter of James II (1689) was allowed to lapse.  This coat of arms  was designed in 1863 by William Williams.

Photo: Bet I Can Get 5000 That Love Dungarvan
The castles of the shield are Dungarvan to the right and on the left the castle of Abbeyside.  Between the castles is a ship in full sail approaching the harbour.  Supporting the shield are two ancient Irish warriors wearing traditional costume and armed with the weapons of their day. On top of the shield is an anchor entwined with a dolphin. 

The motto:  'Ni Maraide Go Stiurtoir'- 'Not a Mariner Till a Steersman

Photo: WLRFM
One of the traditions the people of the Deise hold dear is Hurling. They are staunch supporters of their teams and travel in droves to attend the matches. 

Photo: Come On The Deise
The field reverberates with roars of, "Up The Deise," encouraging our boys in the white and blue.

Photo: Colette's Deise Views
The battle cry can be  seen in shop windows across the county,

Photo: Bet I Can Get 5000 People That Love Dungarvan
And on the sides of buildings as seen here on the Moorings.

Photo: Dungarvan Photo Album Old and New
Oh, and just a little side note. I have named one of the kingdoms in my historical fantasy, Deise. What can I say?!?

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