Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Watching Willow Watts Launch Party!

It's the  'If I Could be Anyone, I'd Be'....Launch Party for Talli Roland's "Watching Willow Watts," Kindle Edition is available on Amazon UK for £1.71, or on for $2.99. The Paperback will be available in November.

Pop in and join the fun!

*Kindle Edition Available on Amazon, September 14, 2011*

So If I could be anyone.....who would I be.  Well that is a hard question to answer, because I am in awe of so many strong women in history. But today I chose Granuaile/Grace O'Malley, Queen of Connaught. Also known as the Pirate Queen! 

Shaun Davey's Granuaile

Granuaile was born in 1530 with the sea in her blood.  She was the only child of Eoghan Dubhdara Ó Máille, a seafaring chieftan and his wife Maeve  One day Granuaile decided she wanted to join her father on his sailing expedition but Dubhdara told her sailing was only for boys and men.  She cropped her hair, dressed in boy's clothes and stowed onto her father's ship. This proved a fortunate move for her father because the ship was attacked and she jumped an attacker trying to sneek up behind  Dubhdara, saving his life. 

During her lifetime she sailed to many ports including Spain, Portugal, Scotland and Ulster for trade.  She was notorious for taxing and raiding ships that had the misfortune to stray into the waters she deemed hers.  Hence the Pirate label.

Granuaile was widowed twice. She divorced her third husband in accordance with Brehon Law.  She gave birth to a son on board ship as it was being attacked by Turks.  Her crew were being defeated and one very foolish Turk dared to enter her cabin demanding she surrender.  She quickly dispatched him, went up on deck, rallied her crew and won the day. (Beware of sword welding, pistol toting Irish women!)


Her most daring feat was steering her galleon up the Thames and into London for an audience with Elizabeth Tudor. Granuaile spoke many languages but not English.  Elizabeth did not speak Irish.  She conversed with Elizabeth in Latin, much to Elizabeth's surprise as the Irish were regarded by the English as uneducated, uncivilized ruffians.  Granuaile secured the release of her sons from the prison of the English Governor Bingham. It is also noted that Granuaile did not bow to Elizabeth as she did not recognise Elizabeth as Queen of Ireland, only of England..

Granuaile the Stuff of Legends!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Door Swung Open

Write a short story/flash fiction story in 200 words or less, excluding the title. It can be in any format, including a poem. Begin the story with the words, “The door swung open” These four words will be included in the word count.

If you want to give yourself an added challenge (optional), use the same beginning words and end with the words: "the door swung shut." (also included in the word count)

The door swung open. Bobby nudged Linda in the ribs.

“Go on, I dare you.”

“What” she asked.

“I dare you to go in there,” Bobby said.

“I will not. She could be inside.”

“You are such a girl,” Bobby retorted.

“I am not! What if she catches us inside?”

” No chicken, I saw her go out in that puke coloured bulb hat she always wears..”

Linda thought it was one thing to run into the overgrown garden, they had been doing that forever.  When Mrs. Posener saw us, she would shout and shake her broom at us. That sent us running out of her wilderness shrieking with laughter.  

“I dare You to do it.”

“I dared you first.”

“Okay, but you better come with me.”

Linda grabbed Bobby’s sleeve. They moved towards the open door. Fear gripped Linda’s stomach. It was turning cartwheels and her heart was pounding. They moved through the door. Suddenly Bobby turned around, his mouth fell open but no sound came out. Linda’s eyes followed his outstretched arm. In the shadows Linda saw the puke coloured blub hat on top of the shapeless body.

“Mrs. Posenor,” Linda and Bobby shrieked.

The door swung shut.

The End

YAY I did it!  I was sure for awhile there this one was going to defeat me!!!  

Saturday, September 3, 2011

It’s KarenG's Second Annual Labour Day Blog BBQ!

Yes bloggie friends it has been a whole year since we partied at KarenG's first Labour Day Blog BBQ.  Can you believe it.  A whole year!!!

If you haven't already, be sure to stop over at Karen’s, Coming Down From the Mountain: A Writers Blog, you won't be sorry. Sample fine food and drink at Karen's second annual Labour Day Blog BBQ . Meet new bloggers and have a good time.

I am bringing Couscous Salad to the party. Made this salad for the BBQ I held for family and friends the day after my son's wedding this past June.  It was a big hit.  Hope you enjoy it. What are you bringing? Can’t wait to sample it.


Couscous Salad

1cup of uncooked Couscous

1 tin of Diced Petite Tomatoes drained

2cups chopped English Cucumbers

2tblsp. Fresh Lemon Juice

2tblsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2tblsp. Fresh Basil chopped

2tblsp. Fresh Italian Parsley chopped

1tblsp. Fresh Mint chopped

½ tsp. Kosher Salt

¼ tsp. Ground Black Pepper

Prepare the couscous and set aside to cool. Combine all the other ingredients in a medium bowl. Add cooled couscous and toss to combine. Viola….Couscous Salad, couldn’t be easier!

Don’t forget now pop over to Karen’s Coming Down From the Mountain: A Writers Blog, and join in the fun. Look forward to seeing you there.