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R - Ring

An Rinn (Ring)

The official name of the area is An Rinn; Translated into English means:
'The Point' or 'Headland'. An Rinn is located on an east-facing peninsula that forms the southern arm of Dungarvan Bay. 

Photo: Sean O'Regain

Photo: An Rinn
An Rinn is located on an east-facing peninsula that forms the southern arm of Dungarvan Bay.
Photo: Bet I Can Get 5000 That Love Dungarvan
Both An Rinn and the anglicized form Ring were on the local road-signs until 2005, when the anglicized form ceased to have any official standing. Today, road signs show the Irish name only. An Rinn is situated 10K/6miles from Dungarvan.
Photo: An Rinn
An Rinn has always been, and is to this day, an Irish-speaking Gaeltacht. 
It is the only Gaeltacht in East Munster.  Coláiste na Rinne is a popular boarding Gaelscoil. Summer courses have been held in Colaiste na Rinne since 1905. Parents from all over the country send their children to Colaiste na Rinne to enhance their Irish language skills.   
Photo:  Eddie Cantwell, Abbeyside Heritage Archives
Séipéal San Nioclás (The Church Of Saint Nicholas) was built in the form of a cross in the year 1841 and dedicated to St. Nicholas of Myra. There were two earlier ruined churches in Ring of Norman origin.  The present day church overlooks the sea.
Photo:Pobal De An Rinn-an Sean Phobal
The busy fishing pier at Helvick Head, sits at the most easterly point on the headland and houses a lifeboat station.  A monument commemorating the Fenian landing of 1867 overlooks the pier.

Photo: Irish

An Rinn is also famous worldwide for its traditional musicians and singers. 


Eileen T said...

I love the traditional Irish music. Visiting Ireland and soaking up the music is one of the things on bucket list.

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D Biswas said...

Ireland is so gorgeous and fascinating -- thanks for sharing it with us!

Liza said...

I should tell husband and I had hoped to take a trip to Ireland this year, but it doesn't look like it is going to happen. In addition, I believe my great, great grandparents on my mother's side came from Dugarvan, so you are giving me the tour I'd hope to have! I am so enjoying the trip!

Lady Jai said...

The more I see pictures the more I want to go! :)

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Anonymous said...

It's a very pretty place. Thanks for talking about it. I was just stopping by on my way through Blogging A to Z.