Saturday, February 6, 2010

Such A Simple Question, Or Is It?

I recently received an award from Old Kitty over at Ten lives and second chances. Thank you so much for this award Old Kitty, I am thrilled. I will be posting the award later.

First I must figure something out. This award requires one word responses to questions. For most this would not pose a problem. But true to my usual form, it is a problem for me! The question that has me stumped is...
Where did you grow up?

This is not a one word response for me. So I need to mull over this and decide what place to choose. Should I draw from a hat?

To start with, I left Abbeyside, Co. Waterford when I was two years of age. Moving
to Brooklyn NY. I lived in Brooklyn for two and a half years and then returned to Abbeyside for six months. From there it was back to Brooklyn where we stayed for another two years. We then moved to Chicago. We lived in Chicago for five years before moving to Madison,Wisconsin. Well Monona actually. We lived in Monona for two years and then moved back to Abbeyside for a year. We left Abbeyside and returned to Monona, WI for another two years. After which we returned to Abbeyside were I stayed until I got the civil service in Dublin.

Can you see my dilemma! I suppose I could take a letter or two from each place put them together and see what I come up with. Lets see, how about Abbrobyoklchimonsidonaey

I think that sums it up. Or maybe you have a better idea


Old Kitty said...



That's an excellent, excellent idea! I'm all for you growing up in Abbrobyoklchimonsidonaey! And why not? You could found a new species called "Abbrobyoklchimonsidonaey-ites". :-)So funny.

I'm also strangely drawn to this name "Monona". I don't know, it's the "o" sound. Monona. I like it.


Take care

KarenG said...

Ha! Those one word answers are killers, aren't they? How about you pick the one you are most proud of, that you feel defines you the best of all?

Sandra said...

I love Madison! That's where I went for undergrad.

siobhan said...

That really is a tough one! Having travelled this journey with you:I have in the past, always opted for Wisconsin. As I get older though, I feel the deepest fondness for Chicago. So for me, the winner for the one word answer would have to be Chicago...(Good old Johnny Stoner, wonder where he is now?) x.

Brigid O'Connor said...

what a dilemma ann, love the combined name idea, what an interesting life you've led, the real answer to 'home' lies in your heart.....

Jan Morrison said...

As an air-force brat I can totally relate. I was thinking about this the other day and decided that I grew up in our station wagon! Yep, that's what I think of fondly with good memories. My mom's plaid cooler bag, the songs we sang (Merrily We Roll Along, King of the Road, Pack up Your Troubles), the comforter that my parents got for a gift when they married that was gold satin on one side and blue on the other and which my mom covered in a flowery cotton print. All of it. I grew up in a blue station wagon.

Ann said...

@All,I am leaning towards the combined name too!
@Brigid, Home has always been Abbeyside for me!
@Siobhan, wondering about Johnny Stoner, et el too!
@Sandra, small world!
@Kitty, Think I am well on the way to that new species!
@KarenG, One word answers are a real challenge for the likes of me!

Ann said...

Hi Jan, delighted you stopped by. A blue stationwagon! How interesting and exciting! Ever changing views out your window.

Susannah said...

Oooh, I am late to this but I suppose your one word answer to "where did you grow up" could be . . . Earth! lol

Ann said...

You know Susannah I never thought of that! Though my sister and I in moments of pique would tell people we were just dropped in from the moon!!!

Catherine said...

Ann this is a fascinating journey! What a peripatetic existence you've had and still calling Abbeyside home - I can totally relate to that as our boys grew up overseas (oldest two were born in Tanzania) and always referred to Ireland as home, even though they only were home annually and then divided time between Holland and Ireland. You have spent your childhood in different homes like our boys - 5 years was the longest they lived in one house till they moved to Ireland in 1997. So it is hard to forge a sense of place, yet you need roots somewhere. That place that feels closest to the parents perhaps? That would certainly be Lismore. Your bio would be a great book in itself - have you read Brooklyn by the way? You could add personal experience to the debate in the Irish Times Book Club Blog where it's the current book club read (I got a bit of my comment in Saturday's print edition!). It's lovely to review/comment on someplace you actually know from personal experience.
All the best, Catherine.

Ann said...

Hi Catherine, Yes it has been a long and winding road. My mom is from Abbeyside; my dad is from Dungarvan; my dad's family from Lismore; my mothers family from Tralee. Since Abbeyside was the constant and still is; Abbeyside is home to me. I have read Brooklyn and enjoyed it too.

niamh said...

That's a journey - home is where your loved ones and that one bag with your vital stuff are!

Al said...

I had a similar problem with the "where did you grow up question."
Fortunately I had a single word out: "bush".
"Bush" is a useful word which covers 90% of the continent of Oz, phew.


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