Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Saturday with Carmen

Recently I saw Bizet’s Carmen Live in HD from the Met with my friend, yoga teacher and Ayurveda instructor, Patricia Wickman. We left early as it was an hour and half drive to the Marcus Cinema in Oakdale Minnesota. We had two planned stops on the way. First stop was Trader Joe’s. This is a wonderful shop that carrys Kerrygold butter, imported cheeses and organic produce. I walked the aisles ohhing and awwwing like an excited child, tossing goodies into my basket. With bags bulging it was time for our second stop.

Stop two was a favorite Indian restaurant of Patricia's. I was looking forward to this. I hadn't eaten Indian cuisine since I was home in Ireland last summer. There aren't any Indian restaurants in Eau Claire. As Patricia had promised the food was delicious. We were pressed for time and were unable to savor the food to the degree it deserved and had to pass up desert. This was a blessing in disguise for me, considering the extra lbs that have come to visit, refuse to leave and have overstayed their welcome.

We arrived at the cinema about ten minutes before the performance was to begin. Now I have been to a few of these HD Live performances and they have always drawn nice crowd. However this performance packed the house. The only seats left were in the two front rows. I didn't realize Carmen was such a popular opera, in the Midwest. We sat in the center of the second row. Necks crammed forcing one to scoot down so far in the seats, your backside was hitting the floor. Not a pretty site!

The music started,the curtain rose and within five minutes all discomfort was forgotten. The opera swept you away. It was breathtaking. Soprano Elina Garanca’s portrayal of the seductress Carmen was as skilled as it was believable and that voice. Her voice was liquid gold and velvet all wrapped up in a beautiful multi talented package.

At intermission, both Patricia and I sat in silenced awe for a few seconds, before turning to one another asking in unison, "Are you enjoying it." Smiles spread across our faces answering "Yes, Yes isn't she wonderful!" We then agreed that this was one amazing way to spend a cold winter’s afternoon.


Old Kitty said...


What a lovely day you've had!

And you do yoga? That's brilliant! I've had a gander round Patricia Wickman's site and feel all nice and relaxed already.

Aw! I wish I was there too! I love Carmen - such passion and the music...!!

And speaking of Indian food, we had a work outing to a vegetarian one last night - had thalis all round which was just yummy. Tonight, extra exercise time methinks..!

Take care

Brigid O'Connor said...

hi ann,sounds like such a lovely outing,

KarenG said...

Sounds wonderful! I have GOT to get out more.

Niamh said...

Kerrygold! How cute; so the adverts they run in Ireland about expats dying for a bit of aul butter are true:) And Carem sounds great, a different way to spend the day!

Ann said...

Hi Kitty, Patricia will be delighted you checked out her site. I try to do yoga. :)

Hi Brigid and Karen, Yes it was a fabulous afternoon. Only thing that could top it would be to actually be at the MET. But alas...that would require airfare!!!

Hi Niamh, LOL believe those adds. The other things are Tayto, Barry's Tea, Cadbury chocs esp. Roses!

Susannah said...

Oooh, sounds like a good day! Shopping, delicious food and then watching something inspiring - sounds wonderful. Thanks for letting us share your day out. :-)

Barbara Scully said...

Sounds like a nearly perfect day out... and although I am not a great fan of Opera, I like Carmen... Glad u had a great day

Ann said...

Hi Barbara, Yes Carmen seems to be popular with people who don't otherwise like opera. I guess that is why the cinema was packed.

Hi Susannah, Shopping, good food, wonderful music, what more can a girl ask for!

Thanks for stopping by! You are all great, I appreciate the support.

Catherine said...

Hi Ann - sounds like a wonderful evening! I am not really an opera buff but I do love the music of Carmen, it's so warm and redolent of Spain! I haven't been to the SGC Met evenings in Dungarvan which is really unforgiveable as I live so near - perhaps because I work there too it's all a bit much to go back in the evening! Your trip sounded like a lovely night out - my fave food Indian would make it a good one too. You know, I often listen to podcasts of Garrison Keillor's News from Lake Wobegon as I walk the dog every night and he is so evocative of that whole are - Minnesota, Wisconsin - your country. I can nearly picture it all. Thanks for sharing such a nice evening! (I will get back to responses to my last post tomorrow over on my blog)

Patricia Wickman said...

Hi Ann,

Thanks for posting this. I had such a wonderful day! We must do a repeat!