Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Different Kind of Birthday

Today is my birthday. Old Kitty at Ten lives and second chances, also celebrates her birthday today. Pop over and say hello!

This time last year I was in Florence. I spent my birthday walking the Boboli Gardens and the Pitti Palace. I received text messages throughout the day from husband, children, sisters and two close friends. I felt loved, as I soaked in the beauty of those breathtaking gardens and reading my text messages. Later that evening I went for dinner to what had become my local restaurant, Antico Fattore. Roberto the maitre’de took charge. I was led to what had become my table. Roberto snapped his fingers and the waiter Joseph appeared with a half bottle of Chianti.  My usual, which Roberto poured for me with a flourish. It seems my Florentine landlady; Rosella had told them it was my birthday. Did I feel like a princess? YES!!! After the royal treatment, I headed to an open-air performance of Carmen.  A memorable birthday, a dream come true!

Today will be different. After I try to tame my wild, unruly hair I will slap on some lipstick. Then I will take the lilies I have cut from my garden and visit my mother and father’s graves. I will thank them for bringing me into this world. For giving me life! I will thank my mother who one day a very long time ago, held me in her eyes and said, “A good and happy life is waiting for you, Ann. I promise.” Her conviction resonated in my soul and stayed with me. Today, I will thank her for giving me that precious gift of surety, as I reflect on the numerous blessings life has afforded me. Especially those pictured below.

          Thanks Mom!                  


Vicki Rocho said...

Definitely a different sort of birthday, but lovely just the same.

Enjoy your special day!

Ann Best said...

Happy birthday!

And what a beautiful scene! I love seeing such photos on blogs. And also family photos.

Enjoy your special day with family, and with those who have gone who are close to you also.

Jayne said...

Happy birthday! As Vicki says, a different type of birthday, but it's nice to also reflect and give thanks as well.

Padraic Murray said...

Happy BIrthday!!!!
Lovely simple effective blog.
Hope you get to enjoy that half bottle of Chianti later! Enjoy!!

fairyhedgehog said...

I hope your day goes as well as it can.

Brigid said...

Happy Birthday, Ann,
What a lovely tribute to your mother,
Enjoy the day

Michael Farry said...

Happy birthday Ann. Enjoy!

Old Kitty said...

Awwwww Ann!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! What lovely memories of your birthday this time last year and what a beautiful day you have planned today!! I thank you mum and dad too! :-)

Are these your beautiful children and this that hubby? They are lovely - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANN!!!!

Take care

Nedine Says said...


Theresa Milstein said...

I love this tribute to yourself and your parents.

Happy birthday, Ann! I hope it's a lovely day, even though it's quite different than last year.

And happy birthday to Old Kitty.

Ann said...

Hi Vicki, so nice of you to stop by and leave a comment. I hope to see you again. Thank you for the birthday wishes. Yes today was very different from last year, but that does not necessarily mean better, just different.

Hi Ann, The gardens were absolutely beautiful. I didn't have any of my own photo's, I found this one on the internet, but chose it because I have a similar one.

Hi Jayne, Yes today is different. But as you say, sometimes we just need to sit back and reflect. Thanks for the Birthday wishes,

Hi Padraic, Half bottle of Chianti is at the ready! Thank you for your well wishes.

Hi Fairyhedgehog, The day has been very peaceful and restful. Better than I thought it would be. Thanks!

Hi Brigid, Thank you for all your well wishes, friend!

Thank you Michael. And thank you for stopping by.

Aaahh Kitty, I hope your day was filled with rainbows and sunshine! Yes that is the hubby and my four children with partners. The family just keeps growing! More cutlery please.

Hey Nedine, Hope your summer is going well...oops just read your post title...sorry! Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Hi Theresa, Thank you for your well wishes both here and on facebook. I am feeling very special!

Lily said...

Happy Birthday Ann, even as the day draws to a close. Lovely post :)

Catherine said...

I know I said it over on Facebook but happy birthday wishes can last longer than the day itself. What a lovely moving tribute to your parents and lovely to visit their grave with flowers from the garden. Talk to you soon again, must drop by the book club soon - leaving my apologies for not doing my homework!
All the best, Catherine xxx

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

What a lovely post... it brought tears to my eyes.

¶ Happy birthday, dear Ann ¶


niamh said...

Happy Birthday Ann! Great pic from Florence too:)

Susan Fields said...

Happy birthday! And what wonderful photos - thanks for sharing!

Nicole MacDonald said...

Happy Birthday :) Beautiful photos, what fantastic memories to have

Mary said...

Belated birthday greetings Ann. Just came across your blog recently and really enjoying your writing. Lovely to remember your parents on your birthday too.

KarenG said...

Happy Birthday Ann! And to Old Kitty, too, how cool that you share a birthday. Is that why you both have a shoe fetish lol?

Agnes said...

Belated happy birthday Ann :-)

Olive said...

Hope you enjoyed your day Ann. And great photos from Florence, hope to visit there some time very soon:)

Jen said...

I hope your birthday was beautiful, Happy belated! It seems that I have never had you on my blog roll *ashamed* well things have changed now!

Wonderful photos!

Lola Sharp said...

Happy belated birthday, Ann!