Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mother Nature Won't Fool Me Again!

The thaw has started, snow banks are receding and temperatures are rising slightly. The sun is shining in a blue cloudless sky, heralding the arrival of March. I spotted two blue jays in flight today and a hawk perched on a still bare tree bough. The air is filled with the wonderful sweet sounds of birdsong welcoming the brighter longer days. The birds no longer needing to conserve all their energy to survive the bitterness of winter. The sun feels warmer as it shines brightly in the sky and the days noticeably longer. Now the sun rather than street lights illuminate my walk to and from work. All signs of an eagerly awaited Spring. Past years have taught me not to get overly excited by these signs. Why? Because there is the March blizzard yet to come. The blizzard that has visited faithfully every March I have been here. The blizzard that interrupts my joy in the arrival of spring. The little practical joke Mother Nature plays every March making a body wonder if winter will ever release its grip.

The morning temperatures are now averaging about 14F/-10C with highs of 34F/1C. It has warmed up. Still I was unprepared to see the attire of a number of students as they made their way to class. My first encounter, a young woman walking across campus on her way to an 8AM class in flip-flops. No socks, No jacket, bare little piggies in flip flops! Making my way towards the Science building lo and behold two young men hurrying into the building, no socks, legs bare and exposed to the elements in shorts no less. I was flabbergasted. We were only in the grip of winter bitterness yesterday! I am still donning the quilted, down filled, ankle length coat, furry hat, extra large red wool scarf that is double wrapped around my neck and face, fur lined boots and tinsulate gloves. I have reduced my outer wear with this warming. I am no longer wearing the fur lined mittens over my gloves, the second scarf and bulky wool cardigan under my coat. I have also cast aside the woolly socks. This is as much as I am willing to shed for the moment. I have no intention of being caught off guard again. After all the Blizzard is coming.


Old Kitty said...

Hi Ann

Flip flops?!?!? Bare legs?!?!? Are people CRAZY?!?!?

But you know, you are so right! The first sign of sun - the first sign!! - you are guaranteed some eternal optimist (mad person to me!) who would treat it like it's summer already.

Nevermind that the temperature is barely above freezing. Nevermind that March is notorious for changeable weather. Nevermind all that.

The sun is out and that's all that matters.


I'm keeping my layers on, my winter coat, my scarf and my thermals! And I've still got my hot water bottle and my two duvets to the ready thank you very much.


take care

Brigid said...

That is so funny, I can kind of understand the urge to put on the flip flops and shorts, but thats what being in your 40s teaches you - caution ! It's still really cold here, but the Irish birds are singing too, it's been a long winter and we will all definitely welcome the sun. It's the light I look forward to and we saw beautiful drifts of snowdrops on the way to Tara Hill last week, where we go for walks, spring is definitely coming.

KarenG said...

Haha, these kids are rushing it a bit, I'd say! But doesn't that sound nice? I'm ready for flip flops, for sure.

Ann said...

Yes Kitty, people are crazy. Made me want to call my young fella in Duluth and quiz him on what he was wearing. Still pondering over it.

Hi Brigid, it is such a delight when you can see the stretch in the days. Whatever the weather you now the dark days are behind you. I am jealous...Oh to walk to Tara Hill.

Hi Karen, flip flops do sound lovely. They conjure up beaches and heat all of which I am more than ready for too. But hey that blizzard is coming.

Jan Morrison said...

Yep - in Newfoundland they call it 'Sheila's Brush'. Google it! We get one whopper too - reports it was to be today but we got off light so I know it's there waiting until we get complacent then WHAMMO!
Halifax is a university town and the kids do that braving the elements in their spring break clothes too. 'those crazy kids' I chortle shaking my head.

Barbara Scully said...

OMG morning temperatures with highs of 1 degree?? and that is milder! Crikey! But yes today had a definite feel of spring about it here too.. and I have noticed that Mr and Mrs Starling are building their nest again in the eves in a spot directly over the velux under which I sit writing! Its great watching them coming and going with sticks and stuff! And I agree with Brigid - it was a long winter!

Karen Walker said...

It never gets that cold in Albuquerque, NM. Yesterday and today it's been in the 50s. Spring is coming, yes, yes yes,. Where do you live, Ann?

Ann said...

Hi Jan, Very interesting I will google Shelia's Brush. Aren't those children something. Just spoke to my young fella and quizzed him on his attire. Thankfully, he is wearing jeans, shoes, socks and sweatshirt still. I shutter to think of the doctor bills.

Hi Barbara, COngratulations again! Yes it is cold still. But the sun is shining and the hope of spring is in the air. I love to see the stretch in the days. We have robins who like to nest on the light beside the back door. When entering or leaving the house you need to duck!!!

Hi Karen, Glad you dropped in again. I live in the small city of Eau Claire which is in northwestern Wisconsin, from Sept. to end of May. Then I head across the Atlantic to a small town in Co. Waterford, Ireland for the summer.

Susannah said...

Yes, it really has been a long winter, so I loved reading your great description of your eagerly awaited spring - I was there with you and I was smiling!

It had been a gorgeous few days here in England but temperatures are set to plunge below freezing again tonight - we are not quite out of the grip of winter yet! but your temperatures there make these seem positively warm. :-)

Flip flops and shorts! oh to be young and foolish. lol

Lovely post Ann.

niamh said...

It's so depressing though - I so want to head out in short sleeves but would last about 30 seconds. Back to the coats for another while:( Hope you had a good Friday Write

Jen said...

Love your blog! The color is amazing!! And the blog title is really creative!

Ann said...

Hi Susannah, Sorry to hear you are still experiencing winter like weather. I am reassured flip flops and shorts sound as absurd as they looked. :)

Hi Niamh, It has been a long harsh winter. I too long for a lighter, less exhausting wardrobe. This Friday should be great; I will have my home computer back. Knocking on wood!

Hi Jen, Delighted you stopped by and like my blog musings. Time to toddle over and check out your blog now......

walk2write said...

We don't have to worry about blizzards here, but those silly people in flip-flops and shorts--not just kids--have begun to descend on the state like a March snowstorm. I have to laugh because I used to be one of them before we moved here.

jinksy said...

Wish blue jays were around here to add bit of colour to the world - it's been a grey day today...

jinksy said...

Tried to leave a comment, but not sure whether it worked... depends whether comment moderation is on, I guess! Hello, anyway! x

Ann said...

Got both your comments jinksy. Thanks for dropping by. The blue jays are colourful and lovely. I saw a beautiful bald eagle circling overhead on my way to work this morning. The grace..unbelieveable.

walk2write..Wish I knew your name! If it's not one type of snowstorm it's another. I suppose Florida will be packed come spring break time.

Old Kitty said...

Hi Ann!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your sweet comment about my cat! I really needed those kind words.

So glad you liked the otter clip! I just loved the way they got back together in the end!

Big Awwww!

Take care