Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm Just Chuffed!

I received this award from Old Kitty at
Ten lives and second chances Thank you so much Old Kitty!

This award requires I tell six untruths about myself and one half truth. You get to guess which is the half truth. Then I nominate and pass the award onto seven blogs. I do hope I can come up with six untruths....
Yeah like that would be hard for me!!!Trailershut.com

So here we go

1. I have beautiful long shapely natural nails, long glossy hair and blemish free skin. Those movie beauties have nothing on me.

2. I hate cakes immersed in any type of liqueur or any other form of alcohol. Especially Black Forest Gateau.

3. I wear the same dress size I did twenty years ago.

4. I just love, love, love garden peas.

5. I am just oozing with driving confidence . So much so I really should be an Indy Race Car Driver. I would win all around me.

6. I am not afraid of sharks, snakes, rodents and bears. After all I am not a scaredy cat.....

7. I hate cherries in any form. Cherries in Liquers, chocolate covered cherries, fresh off the tree, in jam, in pies etc etc.

Well that makes seven. Yes I know it's Lent...but it was an award and I had to do it!!! Can you guess the red herring.

My seven nominees are:

From My Kitchen Table
sort of witty
Jane Obsessed with Jane
Coming Down the Mountain: From Reclusive Writer to Published
Blissfully Unaware Lounge Singer
Crazy Jane
Have fun!


KarenG said...

Haha! I say that #4 is the half truth! And thanks for the award! btw, have you noticed how many people named Jane/Jayne are bloggers? Just wondering if I'm the only one who's noticed that lol.

Old Kitty said...

Hi Ann

I like to say peas. But I'm drawn to no. 1. It's no. 1 isn't it?!?!?

I mean whenever I look at your avatar, I think a very young fresh faced Meg Ryan! Seriously!

So I'll pick no. 1 as your truth!

Take care

Jan Morrison said...

Thanks for the award!
I'll choose the truth as being #5 - I'm sure you are a very confident driver. I'm going to do the version of this that I learned years ago - three truths and a lie. Check it out!
Oh and Karen - I'm really a Jan not Crazy Jane. I chose that name because I love the poem by Yeats. My Dad did used to call me Jane occasionally though! But as to your comment - yes I have noticed a lot of Jane's out there in the blogosphere.

Brigid said...

Hi Ann,
It's definitely no. 1, sure we can see that from your blog photo,
if I had to guess again I'd definitely say no. 4 the peas, because I'm a big fan too,
This was a fun one, thanks for my award, have taken up the challenge, nobody will guess mine

Nedine Says said...

I think I will pick #7 the Cherry phobia.... although I was torn about cakes immersed in liqueur. Fess up, the tension is killing me!

Susannah said...

I enjoyed that and have changed my choices of the half truth several times!

It is a toss up between number 2 and 3 but I think I will be bold and go for the (very unlikely for most of us!) number 3.

This is a fun one! ;-)

Karen said...

I hate cakes immersed in any kind of liqueur, so I'm going with that as the half-truth. Not that you can't be a pea-loving beauty, obviously :o)

Barbara Scully said...

Ha ha, loved your lies...but think I could see through them all (although I guess I have a bit of an advantage - albeit a very old one). I know that it has to be no 3 thats true - it runs in your family. And probably explains why I haven t seen your little sister for ages.... well that and all the philosophising (sp?).

Off to dream up wonderful lies now...thanks for another award. this is fun

Jane Travers said...

Ooh, I'm just so chuffed! AND I'm a Jane, and obsessed with another Jane - coincidence? I don't think so!

Still confused about your half-truth though. I'm going to go with number 2, only cos it would be true for me - love cake, love alcohol, don't love them together. Same goes for coffee and cake.

But I digress. I pick number 2, mostly cos it mentions cake.

Ann said...

Hi Karen, Yes I too have noticed the many Jayne/Jane bloggers. They are all lovely. Well I must tell you 4 is not the half truth. Garden peas are the only veggie I dislike. :)

Hi Old Kitty and Brigid. You are both so lovely to pick 1 as my half truth. But alas it is another lie. I have curly unruly hair, I am covered in freckles and I break at least one nail everyday!!! But thank you both for your kindness.

Hi Jan, My driving instuctor told me I should stick to a bicycle.

Hi Nedine, Cherries are my all time favorite. Once I start eating them I just can not stop!Especially if they are coated in rich dark chocolate. Oh the joy!

Brigid said...

Hi Ann, I just nipped over to see if you divulged the truth. I am in shock, was sure it was the peas, how could you not love garden peas ?
I do love a cherry too and was suspicious I have to say, for someone not liking them, you knew a lot about them.
Thanks for such a fun one, I will reveal my truth tomorrow, prepare to be surprised.

Ann said...

Well the time has come to tell you my half truth! Yes Barbara and Susannah it is in fact number three. I wore an Irish size eight twenty years ago and I wear an American size eight now. An Irish eight and an American eight are not equal. Hence the half truth! Clever aren't I!?! Well maybe not as I had two correct guess's.
Jane and Karen, You don't like Black Forest Gateau...Oh yum. I do agree if the alcohol is overdone, but most of the time, YUM!

Theresa Milstein said...

Good one, Ann - Irish and American size 8. When I read it, I was going to guess it was the cherries.

Plain Jane said...

Clever, clever Ann. I enjoyed all the "creative writing" that went into this post. My guess was cherries. Who can say no to a box of chocolate covered cherries?

Maybe I should change my name. I have never noticed all the Jane's before, but then again I am not very observant. I think I will visit every blog by a Jane and start collecting them.