Friday, March 26, 2010

All Smiles Today!

It is a Glorious Friday indeed. Today the postman arrived with my competition winnings from Kathryn at Crystal Jigsaw!

It is a beautiful book written by Kathryn who was kind enough to inscribe it for me! Thank you Kathyrn and big hugs and thanks to Amy, who pulled my name from the hat.

I received a second package in the post today. I swear it feels like all my birthdays have come together. I am positively giddy. My wonderful and thoughtful oldest child, Rian (Irish pronunciation) heard Fintan O'Toole being interviewed on NPR recently about his book "Ship of Fools." He ordered a copy of the book and had it sent to me. I ask you, isn't he a sweetheart. So on this Glorious Friday, the postman delivered two wonderful packages.

I just can't stop smiling. Thank you Kathryn! Thank you Amy! Thank you Rian!


Brigid said...

That's lovely, I dream of post like that and I love the name Rian. You deserve it, enjoy two great reads.

KarenG said...

Lucky you! Enjoy your Friday and your new books!

Ann said...

Thanks Brigid. It is great to get post that isn't bills and junk mail. Though I use email don't you miss the days of finding a letter in the post?

Thanks Karen. As soon as I finish your wonderful book, I have these great books to to replace it.

Old Kitty said...

Hi Ann!!

Congratulations on receiving your lovely books!!!

They look amazing! Great pics too!

I'm so curious - how is Rian pronounced? And I agree - lovely name!!

Take care

Ann said...

Hi Kitty, Rian is pronounced Ree-ann. Irish for little king.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

That didn't take long to be honest. Considering the state of our rubbish postal system an'all!!

The book from Rian sounds and looks great, lucky you!

I do hope you enjoy the farm book.
Love CJ xx

Susannah said...

Thanks you explained the pronunciation of Rian, I was wondering too. :-)

Yes, it really is nice to receive good things in the post! Enjoy your books. :-)

Catherine said...

Hi Ann, you lucky thing to get two books on the same day - curious about the first one, have yet to read the Fintan O'Toole book which will be excellent as he is very good - a journo with a lot of integrity. He and others like Shane Ross and Matt Cooper who all have similar books out on the state of the nation have all been rejected for the artist's exemption that (wait for it) Bertie Ahern got for his autobiography - billed as the biggest work of fiction this past year. Unbelievable but true - go figure, I can't. Arts council rejected them as not having enough artistic merit I think. As if Bertie's qualified on that score!

Theresa Milstein said...

Congratulations on your lovely gifts.

I love getting books - especially for my birthday. My husband went on Jane Friedman's blog and found out two writing books that she recommended and bought them for my birthday. It may have been one of the most thoughtful things he's ever done.