Saturday, June 5, 2010

Book Review of Sorts

I was suppose to read and review a book for my blogging book club,co-ordinated by Lily at Lily's Blog. The book in question, "Let The Great World Spin," by Colum McCann.  This review was supposed to be posted by June 2.  But alas this has been a dead week for me with regard to reading and writing.  I bought the book with the intention of reading during layover hours and my flight.  As often happens in my world, things do not pan out as planned. 

By departure day, I was exhausted.  As those of you who regularly read my blog know, I normally don't work on Fridays.  But on the Friday before departure there were a few pressing matters that needed to be sorted requiring a few hours in the office.  On Saturday morning much to my horror, I discovered half the work done on Friday, was done on a newly defunct computer system.  Had I been notified...I don't think so. This notification seems to have fallen through the cracks. Anyway, I went into the office again on Saturday for the re-dos.  Once that was done, it was time to bring Louie down to Ciolagh and Kevin for his holidays.  A  two hour round trip, which was spent going over lists in my head.  Remember to bring this, remember to do that, remember to write that cheque...well you get the picture.

Sunday was spent packing and cleaning.  I hear voices singing out in unison, "cleaning"  I know you might find that strange, but nothing depresses me more than to return to a messy, grim house. OK so the house is clean, the cases finally closed and the alarm clock set for our early morning departure.  Book is at hand.

All went well, flights were on time, no security delays but when I opened the book the words were all a blur.  As the day wore on the blur became more blurry.  Resulting in no on flight reading. 

A few days after I got home, I met  up with a friend and the conversation turned to books.  I told her I was about to embark on this book by Colum McCann, "Let the Great World Spin."  "Oh," she said, "that was a brilliant book.  I just loved it.  So vibrant. It just drew me in."  "Great," I replied, "I am really looking forward to getting stuck into it!"

My big chance to get into this book came last Tuesday, with a four hour bus journey to Dublin to meet up with fellow blogger friends, Barbara, Brigid and Theresa.  I pulled the book out of the bag and read the first 30 pages and yes it was a great read so far.  Then somewhere behind me, a fellow bus passenger started eating a very strong smelling sausage sandwich.  A rush of nausea flooded over me.  The words began to blur again.  I put the book back into the over sized handbag.  Oh well I thought, there is always the four hour return journey later this evening.  All is not lost. 

My bus left Dublin at 6PM.  I was delighted with my day in the Pale.  It had been a day of great company and chat.  I took out the book and began reading.  I got to page 35 when the girl sitting directly across from me pulled out a shopping bag and threw up into it.  With a sigh, the book was closed.  I spent the next 3 3/4 hours hoping said girl and her shopping bag would be getting off at each and every next stop.  She didn't.  She got off at the stop half a mile before mine and left the bag containing the contents of her stomach behind. 

Now my feeling is this is a very good read, but at the moment the gods, fate or whatever you want to call it is against this book and I connecting.  So I have my bookmark at page 35.  I have highlighted the last paragraph I read and will put it aside for a week.  At which time, I will take the book out to my sunny conservatory where the only smells are of roses and lavender and enjoy what I have been assured is a wonderful read.


Old Kitty said...

Oh Ann!!! What an awful bus journey for you!! Good grief!!

I think putting the book aside to get your inner equilibrium back is the wisest thing to do!! Sometimes real life is hard to shake off and spoils any aesthetic pleasures! I think being in a sunny conservatory amidst the smell of lavender and roses is just the time to be reading what looks like an amazing book!

Oooh and how exciting to be meeting up with Brigid, Theresa and Barbara!!!! Have a wonderful time!!!

And well done you for cleaning your home before leaving!!! :-) I completely understand!

Take care

Brigid said...

What a different bus journey you had to Barbaras's.
Thanks for making such an epic journey to meet us all.

I think the book title is ironic considering your head spinning - that's why you can't read it, it is bringing back the jet lag.
It is supposed to be a great book, though, looking forward to the rest of the review.

Susan Fields said...

Oh no! That bus ride sounds awful! I used to be better at handling people throwing up when my children were younger and I had to deal with it more often. Sadly, I've gotten weak in the stomach around it now.

Sometimes I find I just have to give up even a worthy goal when life just keeps getting in the way. Better that than having said goal hanging over my head constantly. People will understand if we can't finish all that we set out to do.

How fun that you got to meet up with some blogging friends! I hope I get that chance someday.

Ann said...

Hi Kitty, Yes it was on H E hockey sticks of a bus trip. But worth it, I had a truly wonderful visit with the blogger girls.

Hi Brigid, Yes, but as they say, all buses are not created equal!!!! But sure, if it had all been plain sailing what would I have had to write about? Oh right, the book review! LOL

Hi Susan, The bloggers tea and scones morning was just wonderful. Worth any bus aggro. Still the young one, could have taken her sick bag with her!! Yuck!

KarenG said...

Will look forward to your review! It looks intriguing.

Catherine said...

What a ghastly bus trip! I can't imagine that I'd feel up to reading either on such a journey - I've posted my review over at my blog if you want to read it, I did finish it, and it was good but pretty hard going. So I'll be interested to hear what the other members have to say about it! Lily's blog is still down as of now, maybe the others have posted but I don't have the updated members' list till it's back online again.Did you go to Carmen in Lismore tonight? Sell out I hear, not tomorrow though.
All the best, Catherine.

Lola Sharp said...

Oh no! Ew! How gross and RUDE that she left it behind. Poor you.
(but I'm glad the flight went well.)

FYI--I read that book and really enjoyed it.'s NEVER too late for a cocktail. ;) Cheers! *clink*


Theresa Milstein said...

Threw up in a bag?! The gods are conspiring against you. Sorry to hear about the computer issues.

I had high hopes of big chunks of reading time on the plane. In fact, I brought two books.

Coming home to a tidy house after a long trip is key. Otherwise it takes weeks to recover.

Thanks for making the trip to meet me!

Talli Roland said...


What a terrible journey! I feel ill just reading that - there's nothing like strong-smelling food nor people being sick on buses to make you vow never to take public transport again. I'm glad you got there and had a good time, though.

Jenny Doyle said...

Sounds like the sort of trip you hope to never have again. Maybe it's a sign ... or maybe I just didn't like the book lol. Hope you do enjoy it when you finally get around to it.

Lorna said...

Well, if you get the chance to read our reviews, you'll find that people seemed to love it or hate it so I'll be interested to see what you think :-)

Barbara Scully said...

OMG - I really thought the days of people throwing up on buses were over! Thats it - my love of buses shall stay firmly in suburbia. You must have been exhausted when you got home!

Roland D. Yeomans said...

What a terrible bus trip. They say suffering builds character. But it just makes me one!

May this new week be truly great for you, Roland

Lily said...

Ann, wouldn't you love to go after that girl from the bus and innocently hand her her bag and say, you forgot this.

Enjoy the book when you do get a chance to read it, I did

niamh said...

Can't believe someone threw up next to you - and left the bag on the seat. What a lovely welcome to the New Ireland. I hope she was suitably embarrassed when she recovered!

Lily said...

Ann, I’m adding a comment to all BBC members blogs to say that our June book is ‘The Children’s Book’ by A.S. Byatt to post on the first Sunday in July. Our next book then is ‘The Poisonwood Bible’ by Barbara Kingsolver. Enjoy reading.