Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Bit of a Moan!

I am so out of sync I can't think.  I am still trying to figure out if I am coming or going. This morning was the first time in almost a week that I actually put pen to paper and wrote words. Real Words!  I have not read the words I strung together this morning. So they may not make any sense whatsoever, but at this moment in time, I am just thrilled I got words on a page. 

Oh the great news in my little world....Remember that phone call (scroll down to see the photo)my girl got the day of graduation, the one about an interview!  Well interview is done and dusted. She got the job and is now an employed pharmacist!  Yeah!!! and Yeah again.  Clapping and jumping up and down, big grin on face.

Next, the flight.  What can I say.  There were no delays.  A good thing.  The volcano decided to let us pass.  Another good thing.  Then there was the not so good things! The flight attendants on our transatlantic leg left a lot to be desired.  The service was crap!  To put it mildly. A drinks trolley was nae to be seen before the meal service.  So no water or wine or before dinner drink to be had.  The meal placed in front of me, didn't have the usual little cup of water either and there was no protective covering on the sad wilted excuse for a salad.  Which after very little thought I decided was safer left untouched.  More than 20 minutes after the meal was served, cold tea and coffee was brought around.  I know many of you drink iced teas and coffees but I do believe this was supposed to be hot. It was the first and last time a drinks trolley rattled down the aisle.  It was also the last time I saw a flight attendant.  The flight was smooth and arrived on time, this being the most positive thing I can say about this particular transatlantic experience.  Which when all is said and done is the most important thing.  But hey a drop of water wouldn't have gone astray.  So will I lodge a complaint?  I have yet to decide.  Complaining is not really my forte!  Stop shaking your heads in disbelief. I should refrain,  lodging a complaint where it would do the most good is not my forte.  Another little quirk of mine.  I am more inclined to moan and moan and moan until I bore all around me.  Are you bored yet????


Brigid said...

Good to see you have stopped spinning, Ann, long enought to write anyway and thats all that matters.
That airline sounds a disgrace, I would try and write a letter mainly because I would hate that to happen to edlerly people or a pregnant woman or someone with kids, they might have a rethink.
Lovely to have met you yesterday, heres to many more.

Brigid said...

P.s. CONGRATULATIONS to your daughter, what an achievement, you must be so proud of her.

Ann said...

Hi Brigid, great chatting yesterday! Am delighted the world has stopped spinning. When I got off the bus last night, I didn't know who I was! And yes, I should lodge a complaint. I think I will hand it over to my son, who works in the ailine business and gets very annoyed at this sort of thing!

KarenG said...

I've heard this lack of air service is getting to be a problem everywhere! Go ahead and complain, you might get some free stuff! And I agree with Brigid-- what about people with health issues? Congrats to your daughter! She's in an excellent field, too.

Jen said...

Don't worry no boredom here, you actually kept me intrigued all the way through! Lack of service on planes, but charging more money now a days! Makes sense doesn't it? How silly of a trolley not make it's way down before dinner, I mean that's what they do on planes! I would complain, leave a little piece of how you felt, it won't do any harm, if anything it will only fix the problem!

Congratulations to your daughter, that is absolutely terrific! I hope she truly enjoys it!

Happy Wednesday!

Old Kitty said...

Hello Ann!!! Yay - you're back in blogworld!!

Now trolley-dolly service! What kind of service is that? That's rubbish - unless it was a BA flight and the cabin crew were on strike?!?!!?

Anyway - I'm pretty sure you won't be the only one miffed at such shoddy service so if I were you, I would do what I normally do - lodge a complaint, run away, hide and the pretend I never did it! LOL!

I'm a wimp at heart really! But I think it's worth you lodging a complaint and good luck!! That's disgraceful service!!

And WELL DONE to your daughter! She's a pharmacist!! Yay!!! Good for her - celebrations all round methinks.

Take care

Talli Roland said...

Big congrats to your daughter!

That's shameful about the service. Shameful, but not overly surprising.

Barbara Scully said...

Hi Ann - I am still envying you your long summer with no routine stretched out before you there in beautiful Dungarvan! Wow!

Am so delighted to hear about Ciolagh - great news. Congratulations to her!

As for the airline - if you feel better having written it in this post then let it go.. but if not write that letter! It could just have been an off day for the crew!

Great to see you again yesterday and I am sure we will meet again before you sample the delights of trans Atlantic travel again!

Theresa Milstein said...

It was great to meet you in person, Ann. Thanks for making the trip in.

I would complain to the airline. So far, I've had two flights and haven't been happy with either of them. I'm hoping the trip back to Boston will be better.

Ann said...

Hi Karen, the lack of service is a concern esp. for young and older passengers. I would have been more vocal during the flight if my travel companions were too old or too young to fend for themselves.

Hi Jen, I know...what's the point of having a trolley if you are not going to roll it down the aisle a time or two!

Hi Kitty, Yes I am back. Was looking iffy earlier today. Issues with computer tech people. All sorted now though. :)

Hi Talli, I remember when you got linen napkins and real cutlery on a transatlantic flight. I guess you still might if you travel first class. But hey all I wanted was to pay $7 for a glass of wine. Not too much to ask really, is it?

Hi Barbara, I feel just fine about the whole thing. I am here now, and like I said I just like to moan. I am just so chuffed to be here, if I don't get my wine on the way back...well there could be trouble. Had a great time yesterday. Delighted to see you. Will have to get together again over the summer.

Hi Theresa, how is Paris? I will keep my fingers crossed and say a novena or two that you have a pleasant flight on your return. Great meeting you. I really enjoyed the get together and chat.

Susan Fields said...

Congrats to your daughter! I still remember how excited my mom was when I got my first post-college job offer. I hadn't thought of it from the parents' point of view until I saw how relieved she was. That's wonderful news!

Al said...

Ugh Jet lag yuck yuck yuck!

Count your blessings though, most flights from Europe to Down Under take close to 24 hours (including refuelling stops).

My last trip back from Europe took over 30 hours! Paris to Brisbane via Helsinki was cheap and seemed a great idea when I booked.

I wouldn't bother complaining now. It won't get you anywhwere.

Congratulations to your daughter! Well done.


Publish or Perish

Paul C said...

Yes, this is wonderful news about your daughter's significant achievement. I caught the words 'employed.' So important after that huge investment.

Jackee said...

Not bored! My husband does a lot of traveling and comes home pretty disgusted how downhill air travel has gone in the last couple of years. Do they really need to blame their loss of customer service on bad economy? I don't think so.

But congrats to you daughter. Yay! And so glad you can write, are planted on the ground, and have internet!

Take lots of pictures for us!

Niki said...

That's great about your daughter :o) Im behind in blogs so I dont know where you are at the moment. Last I thought you were in Ireland hehe

Ann said...

Thank you all, I will pass on your warm congratulations to Ciolagh. Though I am sure she peeks in and reads them herself.

Yes Niki, I am at home in Ireland. I too am very behind in blog reading. But I think I am finally catching up.

Hi Jackee, photos, photos, and more photos!

Hi Paul, Yes isn’t the word employed one of the sweetest sounding words! :)

Hi Al, I would have to get a bottle of wine on that journey. Or all hell would break loose. LOL

Hi Susan, I sometimes think people, especially children don't realize how invested their mothers are in their happiness. When my children smile with happiness, contentment or accomplishment it makes the sunshine in my world.

Ann Best said...

Congrats for your daughter.

We all get those "down" times when we can't write much or blog. But they pass.

Sounds like a frustrating flight. Flying isn't like it used to be. But, what can you do when you need to fly?

Hope you have a better week with writing. I just realized you haven't been "here" lately. I haven't either, as much as usual, because of aide problems for my daughter. Sounds like you and I both need to relax...

niamh said...

Congrats to your daughter! Sorry the flight was so crap though, hope the return one will be a huge improvment

Catherine said...

Congrats to your daughter for getting a job in her field so quickly in a recession and all! Well done. And hope you enjoy the summer! Complaining about poor service isn't ingrained in the Irish psyche - though I had a bad experience in a Dungarvan establishment this week at lunch where I sent back a cold cappucino and then had to cancel the longed-for sandwich which didn't materialise after 45 minutes waiting while my friends enjoyed theirs. Then I was asked what I'd ordered as they'd lost it and then would I take it away with me as I wasn't able to wait to eat in! I declined, as eating a salad sandwich in the car in this heat wouldn't really appeal!(Didn't get charged for the cappucino though!)

Olive said...

Congratulations on your daughter landing the job, that's fantastic. That's annoying about the flight though. I don't know which airline you flew with. Of all the long-haul flights I've ever travelled on, BA has to be the worst. The seats on their planes are often so uncomfortable, which is not the best if you're sitting for 10+ hours!