Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Las Vegas Here I Come!

My oldest son, Rian works for Sun Country Airlines scheduling flight crews. While visiting Rian in Minneapolis one day last October he told me about a deal Sun Country was running for its employees and their circle. A trip to Cancun, staying in an all-inclusive five star seaside resort . This promotion being available until December 15. So there and then, we decided to make a long weekend out of it and picked December 3 as our departure date. Yes, that’s right, tomorrow. Sounds perfect doesn’t it? A nice long weekend in the sun, by the sea to relax, read and recuperate from Thanksgiving madness, and rejuvenate to better cope with the upcoming Christmas chaos. My suitcase was mentally packed. I spent an hour on the floor beside my bed going through the unread stack of books, selecting my reading for the trip. I would only need two pairs of shoes, the ones I would wear and a pair of flip-flops. Which meant no checked luggage! I was going to carry-on. I love carry-on! I could see myself lounging under one of those tiki umbrella’s sipping Margareta’s. Watching the waves and breathing in the sea air. Perfect!

Rian arrived home with all the travel details last weekend. I was so excited. Not about Cancun particularly, but by the prospect of the heat, the sun, and the sea. Oh how I miss the sounds and the smell of the sea. As we sat around the kitchen table discussing the flight times, layovers in Dallas etc. the husband says, “I don’t know, is it really worth going to Cancun for three days. A week in Cancun makes more sense to me.” Rian countered with what about Las Vegas? Sun Country are running another great deal for Las Vegas. Once the flight times were checked, the husband was satisfied. Las Vegas he informed us, was a more suitable destination for our three-day weekend. I sat silently as my tiki umbrella and Margareta vanished in the proverbial puff of smoke. I don’t know about you, but Las Vegas has never featured on my list of places to visit. I love cities don’t get me wrong, but can Las Vegas really be classed as a city. It has always struck me as a place of frenzy with glitzy vulgarity and isn't it extremely loud! So much for recuperation and rejuvenation. The mentally packed suitcase must be repacked. I will need at least three pairs of shoes. Creative planning is now required because I am determined to carry-on and now I will only need one book!

We are staying at the Planet Hollywood Resort. There are two pools, a spa, a gym, a hair salon and a number of restaurants in the hotel. Maybe Las Vegas won't be so bad after all. I think I'll bring two books. Better safe than sorry!


Barbara Scully said...

You need to be more assertive girl! You should have insisted if you really wanted it!
Vegas - throw yourself into it. And the weather will be nice and there will prob be a pool. And go overboard and gamble and stay out all night. And have a ball!!!

Hope ur doggie will be OK wihout his mommy!!

Enjoy - sure why dont you get married again while u are at it!!!!!

Ann said...

Married once is quite enough! Louie is going on his holiday's to Mya's house. Louie loves Mya. (Dilin's golden lab)