Monday, November 2, 2009

Dogs Gone Wild

Last week I discovered that in Wisconsin, Halloween is not only for humans. We attend a puppy kindergarten with Louie, every Wednesday evening from 6-7pm. Last Wednesday, class was cancelled for a Doggie Halloween party. We received our invitation via email, with instructions that costumes for dogs were required, human costumes were optional. My husband informed me Louie wanted to go to this party. This is the same man, who in our first year of marriage cringed, telling me how ridiculous it was, putting lights on the windows for Christmas. I was dumbfounded, speechless, had aliens taken over his body? That would explain how he knew Louie wanted to go to the party.
The night before the party, we headed to one of the larger pet stores to purchase Louie’s costume. The alien inhabited husband pulled a Dracula costume off the rack. "Louie would love this," alien husband stated. I reminded him of Louie totally freaking out and nearly choking himself trying to pull his dog tag off. He was hardly going to tolerate being wrapped up in a cape. He,(the alien) moved further down the aisle and pulled out an expensive devil costume. This consisted of another cape, with a pitchfork attached and a hood with devil ears. I guess the bit about Louie’s level of tolerance hadn’t registered.

I noticed a little black glow in the dark t-shirt on sale for half price. This was it, we had found Louie's costume. And to be perfectly honest, I had no intention of purchasing a dog costume costing more than any of my children’s costumes. Granted I always made theirs but that is beside the point! After much hemming and hawing, by said alien, the black T-shirt was purchased. On exiting the shop, alien sadly informed Louie he would not be winning the best costume competition. I don't know maybe it was my imagination, but it seemed both alien and Louie threw an accusing glance in my direction.

We arrived at the party and as promised, it was an evening of canine chaos. Not only were all the dogs in costume, but many owners, not just children, were in complimentary costumes.
There was a booth for Madame Zelda Poochini,the paw reader/fortune teller. A large queue formed snaking through the hall as people waited their turn to have their dogs paws read. There was a portrait photographer on hand if you wished to capture this Kodak moment in your dog’s life. We milled around the hall for about an hour. Stopping to admire the dogs in their costumes and engage in small doggy talk with owners.

At the opposite end of the hall, a game of dunk for the frankfurters got underway. Louie and I watched the proceeding for a short while at a safe distance. Smiling to myself, I wondered if a doggy adaptation of pin the tail on the donkey something like pin the tail on the owner was next on the agenda. Doggie payback!

The noise level was reaching fever pitch with yelping, barking and growling. When Louie started ruff ruffing, I knew we were partied out. It was time to leave. I turned around but but there was not sign of alien. Scanning the crowded hall, I spotted him beside the cupcake table. I watched as he scoffed down one of the chocolate frosted cupcake. Yes, my husband was back, the alien had left the room!

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