Thursday, November 4, 2010

All About the Zip and the Geese

The voice on the radio this morning told me it was only 31degrees outside and I didn’t doubt him for a second. I felt the chill in the air as I moved about the kitchen filling the kettle in anticipation of my first and favorite cuppa of the day. Once breakfast was finished I went in search of my down lined winter coat that had been stashed in the storage wardrobe last spring . Once I located my coat I next rummaged through the winter hat and glove drawer. I eventually found my woolly ruby red cap and gloves. The voice on the radio warned me and I was taking the warning seriously.

I struggled with the zipper on my coat for a good five minutes. The coat is in perfect condition but the zip….well the zip is temperamental to say the least. It is a nylon zip, need I say more. The worst kind in my estimation. It likes to split from the bottom as I zip it up. I struggle to re-zip by forcing the zipper down and starting over again. I tug and I pull. I huff and I puff. It can take many attempts and usually does especially when I am pressed for time and rushing for work. This morning to vent the frustration welling up in me, I cursed the zipper and gave up. With the zip separated half way up, I resorted to snapping the snaps and out the door I went.

The sky this morning was a wonderful soft blue and nearly cloudless, expect for one lone cotton puff that seemed to gently glide by. The air was crisp as promised by the voice on the radio. My exhales visible bringing to mind smoke signals from old black and white movies and that’s when I heard it. The first time this season! The honking sounds of Wild Geese and flying in formation directly overhead. I don’t know if this is early or late for the geese but a silly thought crossed my mind. Had they heard the voice on the radio this morning? I shivered slightly as a gust of wind caught my breathe. Shoving my hands into the pockets I pulled my down lined winter coat closer into my body.

So the geese have decided it is time to get out of town. I looked after them longingly thinking there go some pretty smart birds. The sight of the geese overhead flying out of town heralds the impending arrival of winter. I wish I could pick up and fly off to avoid the approaching winter. How I would love to head for warmer climes. My restless spirit once more coming to the fore. My mother often told me she thought I had gypsy blood flowing in my veins as I was only happy when packing a suitcase. I smile at the memory as I make my way across campus. The honking of the geese fills the air as I dream of flying away.

I look with envy at the geese as they fly off into the horizon. They are free to go. To migrate away from the bitterness of the coming winter. While I will spend the next months struggling with the annoying nylon zip in my down lined winter coat. Oh but to soar free. I look up towards the sky again as the geese fly further away and the sound of the honking fades in the distance with each step I take. And then I hear it, the clack, clack, clicking of my coat’s zipper separating again. I look wistfully at the geese. With a deep sigh I resign myself to being earth bound in my down lined winter coat with the temperamental and very annoying nylon zip.


Joanna St. James said...

im thinking u are in wisconsin and i am shuddering on your behalf. things get really icy there dont they? but its still beautiful, i did some of my baby shopping in madison and i loved it. hang in there u'll soon get to go ice fishing

Jackee said...

So you're saying you are already sick of the cold? lol

I love that you have gypsy blood. Certainly you have the heart of a traveler--and that is a beautiful thing.

Stay warm!

Theresa Milstein said...

I know that longing for warmth. You captured it so well.

And I have a coat like yours as well. It's a really good ski coat I bought at TJ Maxx. But the stupid zipper makes it useless in the cold weather.

Old Kitty said...

Awwwww!! Sometimes I think God was having a laugh when he gave us naked skin and endowed all the other creatures with fur and feathers and natural coating to keep them warm! No need for coats and their annoying zips!!

Oh to fly free away from the cold and into warmer territories without passports or check-ins or advance bookings!!!!

I'm so with you Ann!!! I hope you've put "new coat with proper zip" on your x-mas list for your loved ones to see!! Hint hint! LOL!!

Take care Ann!!

Val B said...

Ann, I can't help thinking that you and the geese have something in common wanting to fly away.Did the manufacturer of your coat use the downey feathers from the geese to line your coat? Seems to me the geese are getting out of town not wanting to be associated with someone who will ruin their reputation by using their feathers in association with a coat that has a badly made nylon zip!The leading goose is saying"come on guys Paris Haute Couteur here we come".Happy days Ann

mise said...

Free birds soaring and a pesky zip.... I think you should leave the down coat with a seamstress for a new zip and have a winter of undistracted geese-watching.

Liza said...

We had 35 the day before yesterday, but then it warmed up and rained. Like you though, in spite of the beauty it offers, I dread what is to come.

aLmYbNeNr said...

I love this post! The title drew me in and made me curious. It was so descriptive and beautiful and full with longing. It would be nice to be like the geese or like a gypsy and pick up and go wherever you want whenever you want.

Jules said...

Great descriptive picture you painted in those words :) I have a coat like that, I'm thinking of super gluing Velcro on the darn thing :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Ann said...

Hi Joanna, Ice fishing is a madness I will never understand!

Hi Jackee, Yes sick of the will I survive!

Hi Theresa, What is it about coat manufacturers putting useless zips in expensive winter coats!

Hi Kitty, I agree with you, I think God is a bit of prankster. And what a good idea, I think I will add winter coat with proper zip to my Xmas list.

Hi Val, You know it did occur to me as I watched the geese, was my coat stuffed with goose feathers, but I shook off the thought. Something’s are better left unknown!

Hi Mise, A winter of undistracted geese watching...oh the bliss.

Hi Liza, Yes it is the knowledge that the cold we are experiencing now is only a prelude to what is to come. BRRRRRR!

Hi aLmYbNeNr, To pack up and go wherever you wanted as the fancy took one. What a life.

Hi Jules, What a good idea....I just might give that a try. Super glue and Velcro.

Brigid said...

Ann, can I be a goose too? We could head off to the Med together. I am getting a bit worried now because I was a hen yesterday, bit of a bird obsession going on.
My son has a zip like that and it's really annoying because its a gorgeous winter coat and it is no good if it DOESNT ZIP UP as you know.
Keep warm, apparently we have a hurricane coming!!

Agnes said...

Ann, come to Florida :-) Southern winters are the best :-)

Susan Fields said...

Oh, I wish I could fly away with the geese, too! I got my down coat out for the first time last night to watch my son's soccer game - brr!

The Words Crafter said...

Awww, I'm sorry you miss warmer weather. I love the cold! Bring on winter!

I struggled yesterday with a zipper, too. Darn those things!!!

Niki said...

Lovely post Ann. Arent geese beautiful. I miss mine :o( though it is quieter around here without them. We just had a cold snap with 33mm of rain. Much needed as getting dry already.

Boonie S said...

I thought that was 31 degrees Celsius at first. Now I understand – it takes me a while sometimes. I wish you all good fortune with facing the coming winter.

All the best, Boonie

walk2write said...

I was thinking it would be nice to get away this past summer here. Somewhere up north like where you are. Maybe I've got goose blood in me:)

Al said...

We have a forecast of 32 degrees on Saturday.
But of course that is 32 C not 32 F, we're moving to hot as you dive into cold.

Len said...

Hi Ann! :) I love experiencing 4 different seasons...I don't enjoy the cold when outdoors but love the snow!!! :) This is a beautiful piece! :)

Susannah said...

That was a lovely piece of writing Ann, you had me shivering too. :-)

Patricia Stoltey said...

There's definitely something to be said for old-fashioned buttons on a coat.

This is very nice piece of writing, Ann. I was right there with you on that walk, and even felt frustration when the zipper gave way. :)