Friday, January 22, 2010

My Bargain Bin Puppy....

After my last post a number of you requested photos of Louie. Let me introduce you all to Louie,

Louie before the traumatic grooming!

Louie after the traumatic grooming! Looking very bewildered at his hairless state.

Louie today!


Susannah said...

Well, when I said I wanted to see a picture I didn't imagine he would be this cute!

He is wonderful!

How old is he?

Anonymous said...

haha I cant believe he used to be so fluffy...

Old Kitty said...


He has the most adorable eyes,hasn't he? The expressions on his face are just priceless! The look he gives you after the grooming... !!


He really is a very beautiful little doggy - a big aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw! to Louie!

Take care

Ann said...

Hi Susannah, Louie will be nine months old on Feb. 5th. I have to agree, he is a cutie.

Hi Anonymous, yes poor Louie was once a ball of fluff. But then he crossed paths with an over zealous groomer.

Hi Old Kitty, He was quite disturbed after the grooming and a little chilly. Even though I have told him, Groomer bad, he still gives me that look.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Totally gorgeous!!!

I had one of my working collies groomed last year and she was very cross! But she looked a lot better after it. Will be taking her again soon.

CJ xx

siobhan said...

Naomi and I just love Louie. What a cutie! x.

Ann said...

He is a cutie, even if I do say so myself!!

Grooming is a bit of touch and go thing, I have come to realize. Poor Louie, bald when he most needed his hair!!! He refuses to wear those doggie cloths, so whats a body to do?