Monday, October 12, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Snow, OH MY

When I opened my curtains this morning there it was. Snow!!! My heart sank along with my spirits. Snow this early, oh no! It's way too early the voice in my head roared, or did I actually roar. I turned on the television to get the weather report. That only added to my angst. The very well groomed Meteorologist informed me that not only was it going to snow all day long, but we could expect a record-breaking snowfall of two inches. Last winter only ended in May. Yes you read right, May, we actually had a snowstorm in May! At this rate, winter will last at the very least seven long months.

In years past, I sat, watched, and marveled at the mystical beauty of that first snowfall of the season. Well not this morning! It was bleak, sad, and quite honestly depressing. Nothing mystical or magical happening this morning.

I was not the only one in my house feeling less than pleased with the early appearance of this year’s first snow. No, my new puppy Louie was downright aggrieved. When I came downstairs this morning and let him out of his crate, he was his usual happy tail wagging puppy self. I opened up the back door and out he pranced. Coming to a dead stop when he spotted the white stuff at the end of the deck, and then he noticed the white stuff falling from the sky. He ruffed at it in the way he ruffs at things that frighten him. Things like stones, gates, traffic lights, the usual scary things of life! Then the ruff developed into barking, agitated barking. He needed to get out there and do his business, but he had no intention leaving the safety of the deck. He scratched on the door and whined to be left back in, and when the door was opened, he ran into the kitchen skidding across the tiled floor, to hide under the table as fast as his little puppy legs could carry him. I tried him outside once again about twenty minutes later. He had not changed his mind about that snow stuff falling from the sky. In fact, his reaction was exactly the same, skidding and all. Poor Louie is going to have at least seven long months to conquer his fear of snow. I mean he is going to have to venture off the deck at some stage! As for me, I hope to experience the wonder and the beauty of the first snowfall during the second snow fall in December!!!!

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Niamh Griffin said...

Snow in October!! And lots of it too. I guess this puts some perspective on the Irish climate. I hope it doesn't last and you get some break before the real winter sets in.